"We will make Canada strong again. We will make Canada proud again, and we will make Canada Great Again!"
- Rob Carbone

Rob Carbone, setting the standards of excellence in his business endeavors, is now running for the office of the Prime Minister of Canada.

CARBONE’s strong sense of well-being for all humanity guides his philanthropy and keeps him devoted to his vision of a transformed government, for a more people-focused democracy while sharing the concerns of all Canadians. CARBONE is now doing something about it. He is stepping up to lead the Republican Party of Canada to a victory in the next Federal election.

CARBONE was born December 8, 1967, at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. He was raised by Italian immigrant parents, and taught to speak both Italian and English. Having parents who were entrepreneurs, encouraged CARBONE to start his first distribution business. He went on to own and operate several businesses in Toronto, which led him to California. Ten years later after receiving tragic news, CARBONE returned to Toronto to care for his dying mother Carmela, CARBONE remained in Canada.

A father, and an accomplished entrepreneur and innovative global business leader, with success as one of the top private Traders in Global Investment and Private Financing, CARBONE solely launched and founded LONDON BURKE INC.

CARBONE will make Canada great again, restoring faith in our nation, and will usher in a bright new future for generations to come.

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